Police Dog Training

We provide only the best in Professional Dog Training Services

At Command K9 Services, our goal is to train top quality working German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd dogs. We specialize in training Police K9 teams, Search and Rescue teams, Detection Dogs, and Personal or Executive Protection Dogs. We breed and hand raise German Shepherd puppies, Malinois puppies, and Dutch Shepherd puppies in our home to ensure each dog is well socialized and has the highly-developed drives necessary to become a Police K9, Narcotics Detection Dog, SAR Dog, Master Protection Dog or Schutzhund/DVG Dog. Additionally, we hand select a few young dogs from the finest European working dog lines to train and match to your agency or personal working dog needs. We believe working dogs should be quiet, well-behaved, calm and safe in any environment, but should reliably and enthusiastically perform the work for which they are trained and our dogs are carefully chosen and trained to fulfill these goals.

Dogs at work

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